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Try not to overburden yourself, as you want to stay mobile; however, some lightweight protective gear will help in the long run. Meet Garrett, a wikiHowian of over 3 years who has started 251 articles and reviewed over 53,000 edits. How rid wasps naturally: 5 steps ( pictures), Edit article how to get rid of wasps naturally. Wasps are actually a classification of many types of insects, so not every wasp nest will look the same.
Wasps show less activity at night, so you have a better chance of catching them by surprise.

Once you've dealt with the wasps, you might as well stop new ones from moving in to the neighborhood. This will kill hundreds or even thousands of wasps at once, but it will probably take multiple applications to get them all. He says the wikiHow community is made of people who genuinely care about and connect with each other, all while striving to create a reliable source of information to help millions of people.

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