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Making a fruit fly trap is so simple, that my six-year-old gets quite the kick out of making them. The fruit flies get lured with your bait and fly into the glass, but they have a hard time leaving the glass because of the plastic wrap. Unfortunately, you can’t be the best planet ever when your clearest defining characteristic is a revolting worldwide bug infestation. And unlike an infested apartment or house, we can’t just move—this is our permanent situation. Yes, they look like nightmares, but the main reason I and so many other reasonable people loathe bugs is because of how they behave. Humans have elite status on this planet, and everyone seems to get that except for the insects. With another embarrassing phobia, you can usually just avoid that thing and no one has to know how faint and panic-stricken it makes you. 2) You get the fuck out of bed, turn on the light, and spend as long as necessary walking around the room in your underwear with a magazine until you’ve killed the mosquito.

Given the photo above, I’m not sure why kids feel the need to get creative with cliche fears like monsters under the bed, when there are actual monsters possibly living on their head. What Brandon has labeled the Bug of Doom is a harmless, beneficial House Centipede.  This nocturnal predator is not known to bite people, will run away when the lights are snapped on, and will eat cockroaches and other undesirable household intruders if left alone to forage.
The only thing I can think about when looking at that picture is how the hell I’d proceed.
As a woman with long hair I can say with the clarity of post-traumatic flashbacks that getting a spindly spider stuck in one’s hair is an experience never to be repeated or forgotten. They’ll either drown in the vinegar, or if using fruit as bait, you can set dispose of your bait and flies outside in the compost. Their immense slowness makes them very unscary (usually, not always), and they tend to stay outside. It annoys the shit out of me when someone acts nonchalant about any insect from here forward, because these insects are blatantly upsetting, so what’s your problem.
Small mosquitos are out there being normal, destroying happiness, and this weirdo is just up there being hectic in the corner of the ceiling.

Now we get to a group of disease-carrying monsters whose goal is to land on your skin, burrow into it, and drink your blood.
The sound of a flying monster two inches away, who is planning on spending the night biting your face. However, universal to optimal health and well-being is good quality, nutrient-dense, Real Food.
But if instead of staying outside where they belong, squirrels routinely ended up in your house, on your wall, on your food, and in your bed, we would all hate squirrels. The only time a bee is a dick is if he’s threatened—which only happens if you freak out when you see one.
My house has a meadow around it and on warm days, they come inside and cluster in terrifyingly large groups.

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