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Yesterday’s post was on the turmoil caused by street tree removal and I made a comment about some old Norway maple trees being the home to Carpenter Ants.
I don’t want to completely malign the poor ants since it really matters where they take up residence. But, they usually enter the tree through wounds in the trunk or broken branches and burrow their galleries from the decaying wood, unfortunately for the tree, right¬† into the good wood.
The ants add to the already harmful effects of the wood-rotting fungi in reducing the physical strength of the wood. Most damage occurs during the warm summer months when carpenter ants are most active, between May and September. As a Master Gardener, I always get asked about ants, so I compiled information from the Cooperative Extension to discuss the habits, locations found, removal, and types of ants.
Though at times carpenter ants can do some good for the environment, they are still very bad and unwelcome pests! Thanks for the great information on carpenter ants and for a very interesting presentation.
Writing as someone who has literally had ants in her pants, the less I see of them the better. My neighbor has an old maple that she found had carpenter ants after a very large branch snapped off fell to the ground.
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We outline the different strategies and tips for ant control inside or outside, in the yard or in your kitchen.

Nests protect the ants against their enemies, offer some protection against extremes of weather, and often are placed close to water and food sources. Some ant species are found in wood, such as fence posts, dead logs, hollow trees, or within buildings.
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Carpenter ants, kill rid carpenter ants, Carpenter ants north america involve 3 main species.
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But, unfortunately under favorable conditions, they attack wood in the interior of the living trees or your building structure if the wood is soft, moist and chewy. Sometimes a pretty flower, but we also have harvester ants who collect seeds, and harvester termites who disappear my mulch.
Right by Tenby's stunning south beach this holiday park has all you need for a great family break. I might have led you to believe that the ants are only harmful creatures with my short comment. If their tunnels put a strain on the trees water conducting capacity, that in turn weakens the tree structure. I feel for you Southerners, but I did have a house in Pennsylvania that got infested with the little buggers. At the time the branch fell, she destroyed all the ants she found, but recently discovered sawdust on the ground.

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