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In Mississippi I was taught by a 91 year old woman exactly how she kept her yard free of fire ants and their mounds while her neighbors yards were full of fire ants and fire ant mounds. You can super charge the natural fire ant killer bait by mixing strawberry preserves and wet cat food into the already deadly mixture. Many people will laugh at you when you tell them what the miracle thing is that will kill all the fire ants in your yard and keep your yard fire ant free. This will get the worker fire ants to carry the deadly fire ant bait deep into the nest where the Queen Fire Ant will eat the bait and die.

Many of them are harmless but no less annoying.Fire AntsHowever, while some species of ants are innocuous, others such as fire ants are extremely dangerous, even deadly, especially to people allergic to bees or wasp stings. Fire ant stings can cause illness and even death of children.Do Not Let Fire Ants Enter Your HomeIt is imperative to take immediate action if you see fire ants in your home.
You need only to feed these ants the food they like mixed up with poison.One of the simplest food but preferred by fire ants is yellow corn meal mixed up with oil and poison. Not all of these kinds of ant poisons require watering but some of them do.A problem could be if you are dealing with carpenter ants or bull ants.

However, you need to pour the bait to the infested area therefore it is better to ask a professional to do this.

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