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Category: Where Do Bed Bugs Come From | 23.07.2013
Use one of the 3 methods to truly determine if you have bed bugs if you can’t simply inspect your mattress with a flashlight and magnifying glass and blatantly see the bugs. Protecting your mattress from fluids, invading bed bugs and dust mites requires more than just your average zippered box spring encasement Buy Now .
There are a number of variables that determine the look but it predominently boils down to how sensitive your skin is and how your body reacts to them.  However the most common bed bug bites look very much like mosquito bites.
They look like little cups and are coated so bed bugs moving up and down your bed will become trapped and unable to escape the slippery sloped walls of the traps.

The most popular and least expensive ones are called Climbups and you can get a set of 4 for less than $20.
These tend to get pricey so I never bit the bullet but the most reasonable priced one that gets great reviews is the Bed Bug Beacon. It’s extremely difficult to identify the difference between mosquito bites and bed bugs unless you have a severe reaction.
That is why bed bug detection devices and traps are imperative to definitively determining if you indeed have bed bugs.  I recommend using 1 of these 3 detection methods.

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