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The key to solving rat infestations is to find their entry points into the attic, seal these locations, and trap for rats that are sealed inside the building. I will analyze the two methods in detail below, but first, I suspect that you actually want to do more than just kill rats - you want to solve your rat problem.
I operate a professional rodent control company, specializing in the extermination and complete control of rats in the house and especially, the most common problem that we deal with, rats in the attic. Rats are notorious for carrying disease, and are responsible for the spread of bubonic plague.
Rats, squirrels, and mice cause damage property by gnawing, and create fire hazards when they gnaw at electrical wires. We also offer dead animal removal from crawlspaces, attics, ceilings, walls, outbuildings, and other hard-to-reach places, as well as tips and techniques for deterring rats.

Dead rats in your walls, attic or crawlspace make a big stench and invite maggots and other insects.
Rats are considered colonizing animals within groups, and that is the reason why attics can contain several of them. We offer a wide variety of extermination methods that are legal, humane and effective and several kinds of rat traps including live traps, kill traps, rat poisons, venting (a method which allows the rats to get out but not back in), and rodent fencing.
Nesting rats compound the messes and noise, and offer the potential for even more of them to cause disturbance and damage property.
Anyway, it turned out that wild rats were coming in through her foundation and climbing up inside the walls and making a lot of racket scrambling, squeaking, fighting, get the picture. Further , if the rats don't rip out your insulation entirely, they will mat and compress your insulation, leaving your home less able to be heated and cooled effectively.

Roof rats prefer to frequent trees, attics, and roofs, getting around on highways of electrical wires with their excellent balance.
It turned out being a $1,500 job; I was there killing rats for several days , but she considered it money well spent and was just happy to have the animals controlled and removed so she could do her job properly again.
The first step to reclaiming your space is to enlist one of my network specialists to remove the rats. Dead rats in your walls and living spaces are smelly and are also hazardous to your health and property, as are the diseases and parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites they bring with them.

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