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If they are wasps (yellow jackets, mud dabbers, etc) a person could hose them down when they are out of the nest, but they are likely to come back.
The yellow jacket wasps are one of the most troublesome insects for people.They are approximately a half-inch long, with bodies that are striped yellow and black. A single queen yellow jacket will find a place to nest and begin reproducing with the male yellow jackets.
After identifying a yellow jacket problem, you need to consider the risk of dealing with them. Yellow jackets aren’t always a problem, sometimes there are benefits to having them around. If you find yellow jackets in the house, more often than not, you will know that these are German yellow jackets, otherwise known as German wasps. During the day you will be able to scout where the yellow jackets are coming from, most often a single hole in the ground. If you have a garden or are a farmer, yellow jackets will kill and eat several of the pests that could harm your crops. If you find a yellow jacket in the house more often than not, then it is necessary that you track it down and check whether it is entering a hole in the roof, or visiting the attic quite often.

This is a European species that builds its nest in walls and attics of a house or man-made structure. In the case of yellow jacket nests, most of the insects are inside and will not be contacted by the spray. The two are often mistaken for one another, but the yellow jackets are much more of a bother than the honey bees. The yellow jackets work with a caste system, with various levels of importance throughout the nest. Purchasing the traps at the hardware store is what most people do, however you could build something on your own. More often than not, if you spot a single yellow jacket, it will be the queen who is trying to build her nest inside your home. At the end of the summer, the nest could house anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 yellow jackets. If you are in the spring to early summer season, meat will work well to lure the yellow jackets.
Scavenger yellow jackets usually don’t sting, but if they are bothered when trying to get to a food source, it is possible.

If you establish the presence of yellow jacket nest in house, then it is always better to seek the help of a professional who will help in exterminating the nest. Old stumps will attract the yellow jackets because they provide unlimited access to the rotted wood fibers needed to build their homes. They can be dangerous if they build nests on the outside wall of the house, as there are more chances of them breaking in eventually. Typically yellow jackets begin nesting and breeding in May and stick around until September.
This method is often used by people having a party or cookout in order to keep the yellow jackets from attacking their guests who have food or drinks.

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