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Exposing bed bug-infested clothing or other small items to freezing temperatures may be a viable control option for people at risk of bed bug infestations. In an article in the Journal of Economic Entomology called "Cold Tolerance of Bed Bugs and Practical Recommendations for Control," the authors describe how exposing bed bugs to freezing temperatures affects them, and they provide practical recommendations for management of potentially infested items.
Bed bugs, like many other insects, use a "freeze-intolerant" strategy against the cold, meaning they attempt to protect themselves from freeze injury by lowering the freezing point of their body fluids. A new pitfall trap designed to capture bed bugs is more effective than those currently on the market, according to the authors of an article appearing in the next issue of the Journal of Economic Entomology. When you have a fever, your nose is stuffed and your headache is spreading to your toes, your body is telling you to stay home in bed.

9 Home Remedies To Kill Bed Bugs Tea Tree Oil  Bed bugs are little insects that suck blood and get active at night. However, a new study has found that bed bugs may be less susceptible to freezing temperatures than previously reported. For this study, the researchers evaluated the supercooling point (SCP) and the lower lethal temperature (LLT) for all life stages of bed bugs, as well as their potential to feed after exposure to sublethal temperatures. Temperatures below minus 15 degrees celcius are sufficient to control all life stages of bed bugs after 3.5 days, while temperatures below minus 20 degrees celcius require only 48 hours. However, the authors recommend that the items be placed in plastic bags and that they remain in the freezer for 2-4 days, depending on the freezer's temperature.

There are two different species of bed bug that suck blood from humans – the common bed bug and the tropical bed bug. They also observed bed bug eggs surviving in short-term exposures to temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees celcius. Try them if you are suffering from bed bugs, these remedies will definitely help in killing them.

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