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The warm, damp summer may have been bad news for barbeques, but for Britain’s spiders, like this common zebra jumping-spider, it may have been just the ticket. Anecdotal evidence from conservationists suggests that damp conditions, good for breeding, mean spiders like this common false-widow are in abundance.
Now, insect charity Buglife is launching a survey to see whether Daddy-longlegs spiders and their cousins have really seen a bumper year.
For some of you, the thought of an increase in hairy legs and goggly eyes, such as those of the house spider, may not be such a good thing. And the very thought of the spitting spider, pictured here, might send shivers down an arachnophobe's spine. The only UK spider whose bite can harm humans - cause swelling and nausea - is this noble false-widow. And if you manage to take any good photos of your house and garden spiders, like this picture of a wasp spider, we'd like to see them.
Unless you have seen a spider bite you, then it’s often a predicament to know what bug actually did, so it is pertinent to arm yourself with the information to differentiate spider bites from other bug bites, especially if you have woken up and find a bug bite mark on you. Appearance Appearance varies depending on the type of spider and how long ago the bite took place. Need for Medical Attention Not needed unless the spider has an extremely potent venom (see table below).

Generally speaking, if a bug bite is too itchy and symptoms progress beyond plain itchiness, it can be a bite from a spider. Hobo Spider Can look like the bite from a brown recluse but the damage done is significantly less. Spider bites can be fatal or be very medically significant in the cases of the black widow, the hobo, and the brown recluse spiders. To participate you’ll need to be able to recognise common UK spiders, like this garden cross spider. Below is a table of comparison between spider bites and the two other most common bug bite at home. Although nearly all of them have venoms, not all of them are harmful to humans, hence, it is important to know when spider bites are a cause of concern. Can cause muscle aches and pains together with numbness Toxic bite which is potentially fatal.
It is only the deadly spiders like the black widow, the hobo, and the brown recluse spiders which are fatal and thus are medically significant. Be sure you know the table about identifying spider bites to know if it can be managed at home or not.
If the bite is from the 3 deadly spiders (black widow, the hobo, and the brown recluse), seek immediate medical attention).

If any difficulty of breathing occurs, or any unlisted symptoms manifests, seek medical attention immediately. Identifying spider bites is of utmost importance to know if you or your loved one should receive medical attention or can be treated at home. This is perhaps because spiders are scarier looking, hence, they got the reputation for inflicting spider bites on unsuspecting and sleeping humans. Oftentimes, there will be color changes in the area as well, with the skin reddening at first and then forming a darkened or black area days to weeks after the bite has taken place.
Identifying spider bites is also important to know what further intervention might be needed in the event of getting spider bites. Feels like a sting, the burning pain will be obvious a few hours after the bite has taken place.

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