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Green bottle flies are similar in size to house flies and appear metallic green with portions of copper-green.
Green bottle flies are classified as filth feeders that develop in and feed on dead animals, feces, garbage and decomposing plant materials. If a large number of green bottle flies are found inside a structure, they are usually breeding inside the home or in the immediate area of the home. Green bottle flies complete their life cycle in a short time, but the period of time is affected by factors such as the quality of their food source, seasonality, temperature and humidity.

Green bottle flies are very important contributors to the process of plant and animal decay. Identification – since not all flies have the same behavior and habitat, it is important to correctly identify the offending insect so that an effective and efficient IPM program can be put into place. Sanitation – keep the property clean and get rid of all sources that provide green bottle flies a suitable development habitat.
Exclusion – seal and repair screens, holes, gaps and any other entryway that green bottle flies may use to enter the home or may allow animals to enter the structure.

Chemical products to treat fly resting places and using chemical fly baits, residual insecticide and aerosol products in locations where flies are active. Stronger fliers than house flies, green flies can travel as far as 10 miles, with wind assistance.

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