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When you are bitten by a fire ant, what you need to do first is to wash the affected areas on your skin with a warm water soapy solution to eliminate the venom at the surface of the wound. Studies have proven that household cleaning agents can help reduce the itching and pain caused by fire ant bites. Home remedies for fire ant bites also include solutions made from food ingredients that can be found in your kitchen including a paste made from salt, a paste made from water and meat tenderizer, and a fresh slice of onion.
Some of these home remedies for fire ant bites such as ammonia must be applied as soon as you are bitten by fire ants.
Fire ants or red ants are different than bees or wasps as they can sting and then release their venom in the body of their prey multiple times, which made them dangerous.

We have an collection of Fire Ant Bite Home Remedies Fireant Natural Remedy in various styles. People that experience one or two fire ant bites at a time can use things that can be found in their home to treat their condition. Chemical based treatments for fire ant bites that can be found in your home include a paste made from crushed aspirin, arnica gel, aloe gel, and a small dab of hydrogen peroxide.
The venom of fire ants contains allergic proteins that may cause severe problems to the individual’s allergies as their bite may lead to anaphylaxis. There are plenty of home remedies for fire ant bites that can be used to reduce the swelling and pain.

The venom of fire ants is also unique as it is protein-based, water soluble, and hemolytic causing the formation of a small white pustule where the sting occurred. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Fire Ant Bite Home Remedies Fireant Natural Remedy interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. This will reduce the burning sensation of fire ant bites, and symptoms will not arise for several hours.

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