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1 x Door Traps The following tips should be used when preparing to live catch your nuisance animal. Havahart recommends that you contact the Humane Society, or the local or state game commission before setting a trap to determine the lawful method of releasing a captured wild or nuisance animal. Following the instructions contained in the carton, you may want to test the trap and spring it a few times to make sure that it works properly. After a couple of days, when you notice the bait has been disturbed or taken, it is time to set the trap. Depending on the time of year, you may trap a nursing mother and if you relocate only her, her babies will not survive. Traps should be washed, disinfected with a bleach solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts of water and let it remain on for 20 minutes), and thoroughly rinsed after each capture to stop the spread of any potential disease. Rat traps & glue boards are effective but the expressions on the faces of the killed had disturbed me.

This live trap really work great for catching chipmunks we hardly get it set and there is a chipmunk in the trap,I didn't realize how many chipmunks we had here we catch 11 already and bring them to a safe area to let go. Received the trap very fast, Second day having it I got a small mouse and the next two days after that I got the mother I think because it was BIG.. Once I figured out how to secure with a brick to weigh it down so the traped squirel could'nt turn it over ,this trap worked great I removed 4 in one day.
Easy to bait, set and release, this high tensile wire mesh trap is steel reinforced for long life and maximum resistance to damage.
For example, spring it by touching the trip plate from each end, This should be done also after the trap has been set and camouflaged to make sure it works freely. Trapped animals should not be left out in the elements as they can die from prolonged exposure to heat and cold.
To see if you've trapped a nursing female, stand the trap on one end to observe the belly.

Animals frequently defecate and urinate when captured and it is unhealthy to put bait down unless trap is cleaned thoroughly.
The door remained secure, but it sure made it difficult to open the door to release the frightened and angry squirrel.
The first time I trapped an animal I found the trap the next day about 45 feet away from it's original location. So instead of setting the trap to catch the first animal to come along, bait the trap, or simply place it where you intend to set it and fasten the doors open by means of a stick or wire.

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