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Various pesticides are readily available to home gardeners for use in controlling spider mites. Soap PesticidesContaining nontoxic fatty acid, insecticidal soap is one of the safest options for gardeners looking to control soft-bodied insects.
Oil PesticidesCommercially available horticultural oil contains highly refined petroleum that -- when it encounters the pest -- will smother it. Plant-Based PesticidesPlant-based pesticides contain ingredients derived from plants and are generally considered safer than pesticides filled with harsh and dangerous chemicals.
Since oil pesticides decay rapidly in the environment, they pose little risk to beneficial insects. Carbaryl-containing insecticides, for example, will stimulate the reproduction rate of spider mites leading to a worse infestation than when you started.

It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
For example, over use of chemically filled insecticides can disrupt the life cycle of beneficial insects that keep garden pests -- such as spider mites -- under control. However, the spider mites must encounter the soap pesticide for this option to be effective.
Not only will it kill various garden pests -- such as spider mites, thrips and whiteflies -- it will control fungal diseases including powdery mildew and scab.
Furthermore, always follow the specific directions and warnings designed for the type of pesticide you use to control spider mites.
Without these beneficial insects, the number of spider mites begins to increase leading to a full-blown infestation.

Even though insecticidal soap is readily available at home improvement stores and garden centers, you can create your own soap pesticide to control spider mites with a few common household items. Another option to keeping spider mites at bay is to ensure your plants are receiving proper care with good irrigation, fertilization and sanitation practices. Oil pesticides should never be used on plants with hairy or waxy leaves as it may damage the plant.
Unless the neem oil is ready-to-use, it will require mixing with soft water at a rate of 2 tablespoons of oil for every gallon of water.

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