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There are alot of flies and gnats out there and I doubt most of us will deal with even a majority of them on any serious level.
We used the large Ziploc filled with water and a penny trick at our barn last summer – and the flies and horse flies really did avoid the area! Thanks so much for reading and if anything more comes my way regarding Horse Flies I’ll be sure to post it.
I have a co worker that has insured me that placing post it notes around the soil of her fungus gnat infested plant will do the trick. You can rid your houseplants of fungus gnats by submerging all the dirt (if it’s a small enough pot) in water and letting stand for 30 minutes. Certain flies such as Horse flies eat blood and nectar so scrubbing down your garbage cans will do little in your control effort of them where as for common House flies this will make a world of difference.
If you fill a large clear zip lock bag with water, put a penny in it and hang it just outside your doors and windows you will supposedly keep flies from entering. Generally speaking you’ll not have a huge infestation problem with these flies but in case your seeing shiny blue or green flies about the home you’ll know what to look for.
The little tots are afraid to use the pool sometimes because they become a meal for the horse flies. Also flies such as Blow Flies, Flesh Flies and others provide this same function for decomposing animal carcasses. It may mean less watering of indoor plants if you have identified the pest as a Fungus Gnat. This article will deal with Small Flies and Filth Flies which should cover almost anything you and I will see.

Place the trap near the area where the flies are most noticed and perhaps another trap or two in other areas just in case. In the course of one year you would have over one billion flies, all offspring from one single female. Sprays such as Raid are often used but most of the spray ends up in the air or running down the wall with the acrobatic evasive flying skills that the house fly possesses. According to lore the water in the baggies refracts the light, confusing the fly and in essence it flies the other direction or the other theory is they think it’s a wasp nest and stay away. It’s not uncommon to have 130 or more flies come out of one small mouse carcass.Animals can and do die in all sorts of places.
It’s only when these flies bite humans or land on,eat and contaminate our foods thus spreading of germs that they become pests. Or removal of say a mouse or squirrel carcass in the attic should you notice it’s Flesh Flies that are infesting. Not as much is known about this gnat however we know they feed on fungus growing in moist organic material. Indoors chemical control is usually not the answer since the House Fly is most certainly coming from the outdoors. Of all the insects that invade our homes, flies may be the most important in terms of our health and well being. Phroid flies are also called Coffin Flies because they are known to be found in mortuaries and mausoleums. If I were a betting man I’d bet that every man, woman and child has had a common house fly at sometime buzz their face while they were swinging wildly away with a rolled up newspaper or swatter.

One note this fly has been helpful to mankind in that early genetic research used fruit flies and that research is still considered foundational. Often these flies help in murder investigations as detectives can use the maggots (larvae) collected on the scene to determine the time of death. Flies are so often found in areas of filth picking up pathogens on their feet and mouth parts.
It breeds and feeds on ripened fruits and vegetables as well as moist decaying organic matter.(which can be a long list of things) The female will lay some 500 hundred eggs near the surface of fermenting fruit or organic matter only to have the eggs hatch in about 30 hours.
Other areas such as noted for fruit flies also apply and the same rules go for the Phroid fly.
Cracks and crevices with even small amounts of material will suffice to sustain hundreds of fruit flies. While Moth flies are not the most common to infest a home they can be tricky to completely get rid of so it can be chronic.
Always in search of food no matter where it’s located and no matter what the condition, flies present a huge danger and challenge to mankind. You can use such ’space’ sprays like non-residual aerosols to kill adult flies or even a bug bomb in severe infestations.

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