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Another option you can consider is using a synthetic pesticide to spot treat the ant hills. Subscribe to Wally Lawns and you will receive information about new pages on the web-site, tips and tricks as well as information on new techniques and trends in lawn care delivered right to your INBOX on a monthly basis. She thought one of my lawn mowers had a gas leak and this was the cause of her lawn problem. Bayer Advanced Triple Action Ant Killer Granules, Ortho "Ant B Gon" Dust, Ortho "Ant B Gon" Bait or a general insect control for lawn and landscape).
I quickly reassured her that I would never use a lawn mower with a gas leak on her lawn.After further examination, I noticed her neighbors on both sides had the same problem.
Be sure the area receives the appropriate amount of water.Once the lawn ants are gone, practice proper lawn maintenance to keep your lawn healthy and stress free. She relied on my expertise and allowed me to apply an insecticide to the problem areas.As I was cutting her lawn the following week, I noticed that both of her neighbors had ant hills all over their yards.

If I didn't make a quick diagnosis the previous week, her lawn may have looked just like her neighbor's lawns. If this is the method you choose be extremely careful not to pour the borax directly on your lawn. Unless you miss a mound, or stir the ants up first with a board or stick and scatter a few that may start another colony in a new location. I just sprinkles a few of the grandules around the outside of my house and we have seen no ants since. I am looking for something that will get rid for them, maybe something that can be made from items in the kitchen.
When they become a nuisance, the best approach to controlling ants is to figure out what types of ants you have and what factors are contributing to the problem.Ants will naturally set up colonies where access to food and water is readily available.
If you get rid of the aphids, you will soon have fewer ants.If ants are getting into your house, take note of how they are getting in and where they are headed.

The dead ants will be right there to see immediately and NO residue left to harm pets, kiddos, or the environment.
One day I notice that the little ants were using my used ground to build their hill even higher! I kept doing it and even bought a pound of cheap coffee for $1.29 and made a loose paste out of it and put it all on the hill.
In fact the hill collapsed and now I have a dent in my yard where the ant hill was!Good Luck! If ants are coming in the house, dust a little (with a small paintbrush) around the door and window openings.

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