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Category: Field Mice Control | 08.06.2015
The wasps that had a nest above our front door made it difficult to enjoy eating on the veranda. Tell us about it in the comment section, and be sure to also check out this natural bug repellent recipe.
I just had pur maintenance guys come take care of a nest but I have no idea what they sprayed… I am definitely going to try this if we need to!!

My neighbor suggested trying the traditional bug spray, and my buddy recommended the aerosol that turns into a chemical-laden goo surrounding the entire wasps nest, and turning into a hardened foam cloud that slowly poisons yourself, children or pets in the process. Its a natural painkiller (I draw a “W” on the back of my neck with it when I have a headache and WOW!
Cause I had some fries and forgot to throw away the paper plate I ate from and when I got up there was a bunch of them on that plate.

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