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Sachis2112(z10 CA)I'll give you a call when the local Petco gets their next shipment of Elf Owls.
Now only 1-2 a year get in, generally meeting thier end at via a cat's claw in teh entryway or when noticed by a sink. Apparently, scorpions are nocturnal, so that explains why we would almost never find them when we were searching around, unless we lifted up a piece of carpeting, or moved a planter.
Apparently, MOST scorpions found in the USA are not much more venemous than a bee sting, but for those that are highly allergic to bee stings etc, it can be a real problem. In the metro Phoenix area, the way I know to get rid of the scorpions is to get rid of their food.
Here in Arizona people have success going with companies that specialize in scorpions and will take the time to find the nest.
TX)Our level of infestation was nowhere close to what was described in the opening post, but we did have a problem and the scorpions did become more noticable for a while after initial fumigation efforts failed (as they were driven out of hiding but not killed).

Removed all brush and scorpion cover from around hte house, including soem bits of bark mulch left over from the previous owner. Since the trim had been installed wrong anyway, I pulled the baseboards and the trim around the doors to get poison deep into the crevices.
Put boric acid into all aourlet boxes, around doorframes, under the kitchen counters, and along where hte baseboards would go - anyplace a cat couldn't get at. Removing debris from the yard and fumigating the attic are probably the two most effective things I did for immediate relief, and sealing the house provided the long term cure.
We have a freind who is really interested in scorpions, and everytime he visits, he brings a portable blacklight, and we go down to the lake and look for them.
You can talk to your local vet when you get to New Mexico to find out how much of a problem you'll have in your area as it varies quite a lot. In the past, experts on the job tried a number of different options only to find out that nothing is able to lure the animal to the cage and increase the chances of its getting caught.

I've read that scorpions can get down to the height of credit card in order to get under certain cracks.
The chickens ate anything and everything that moved (read:scorpion food sources) including the scorpions themselves and never so much as hiccuped. So I figure that they will catch the scorpions too, but I hope they know how to avoid the stinger. Younger cats are always on the prowl for insects and I have even seen my 5 year old cat wake up instantly at attention from a dead sleep to catch a small field mouse that was trying to get into the cat patio.
Most insecticide gets rid of insects but, these never seem to disappear, it's true you get rid of their food supply, you'll get rid of them.

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