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Nasty roaches – they eat your food and crawl everywhere in your apartment, and it seems impossible to get rid of them. Truth be told – I grew up in an apartment in Moscow, and we had serious roach problem. 1st day the roaches started coming out of every nook and cranny, and we had to sweep up the dead ones.
We won the battle, but the war is not over, because there are millions more roaches behind that wall, waiting to come back. My apt complex sucks and i had more roaches than bebe’s kids and a buncha OCTO MOM roaches. As I mentioned I got it on amazon, but you can also get it on eBay, at Walmart, Sears, most home improvement stores, and many online stores. Here is a podcast from our expert Zack Ciras answering why your home or apartment could have cockroaches and a safe way to get rid of them.
If you have the big old brown suckers or the good size black ones, usually basement-level laundry room of an apartment building, a lot of areas where pipes are connected to each other. The answer is probably not simple but I would bet that you have one or two units in that building that are feeding cockroaches to the other apartments.

These focus apartments have conditions ideal for German cockroaches…abundant food, water, and especially shelter. Stacks of boxes, bags, food, clothing, and other items will be jammed into corners or scattered on the floor throughout the apartment, all providing hiding places for cockroaches. Landlord gets professional pest control to come in once a year to spray some chemicals that only help for a week, and then the nasty buggers come back. I have never been so passionate to write a review, and i promise if you go on this journey and get this product, you will be glad you did. In hospitals and big buildings and cities, you’ll see a lot more of the American and the Orientals. We have regular quarterly pest control service for cockroaches but we have one building that always seems to have a cockroach problem.  Some residents end up calling in for extra service almost every month. Raid, Combat, Hot Shot – they claim it will work, but roaches just get used to these products and after a short while it does not affect them anymore. The enzymes of the insects, of the roaches, will actually break down this long chain, which is harmless to us, into this more volatile product that will target just the roaches.
That’s what helps us pass the chemicals along for the roaches and keeps them out of our system.

Some of the other residents in this building we never hear from, but I’m sure they have roaches. You’ll never get control of cockroaches in a building without first controlling them in these units.
Overflow populations from focus units keep reinfesting the apartments next door, above, and below.
To make matters worse, the trash area is located right outside my aunt’s apartment door, and is directly behind her kitchen. If you have apartments that are regularly treated, are clean and uncluttered, but remain infested, it’s a good bet that they are neighbors to a focus unit. One apartment cannot be allowed to create a cockroach problem and health concern for the entire building.

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