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You just crushed that horrible-looking brown insect on your wall, and you simply couldn’t stand in there any longer – the odour was obnoxious.  In fact you have noticed that each time you kill one, you have to flee from the room. One form of trap consists of a box with a UV light at the top and soap water at the bottom.  Once they enter the trap, attracted by the light, they eventually fall into the soap water at the base, and die. It is also possible to use a vacuum cleaner to suck in these insects.  Once in the bag however,  you would need to seal the bag and dispose of it directly on a rubbish dump rather than in your trashcan, so as to ensure they do not return.

There are several commercially available sprays and chemicals which work very effectively in the control of these insects.    While all the methods outlined above are great ways in which to eradicate these insects,  if you still wish to go for strong chemical eradicators,  you could try out one of these.
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Liquid detergent spray will also kill these insects in a jiffy.  You could also crush and boil some garlic in water, and use it as a spray to repel these insects.

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