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Summary: Fungus gnats can be a real nuisance in house plants and the home, where they fly all over the place. They live in the soil, where the gnats infest the growing media and the larvae feed on the decaying organic material. Personally, I would chalk it up to lesson learned and get the plant outside and deal with knocking them out outdoors if possible.
Get rid of containers holding rotting plant material, decayed bulbs, roots or other food sources.
The first key in the control of fungus gnats for the homeowner is to purchase houseplants from professionals.

Solution 3: Sticky StakesSticky Stakes are an inexpensive product that catch the flying gnats. I hope these solutions will help you to get rid of your plant gnats so you can fill your house with beautiful plants and not be annoyed by the gnats! We have tons of house plants and found that the gnats were a huge problem in our new house. I put the plant indoors in a nice decorative pot and after a few days there were gnats all over the house. This is a good solution for gnats that have already hatched and it will allow you time to let the soil dry out and treat it to get rid of the larvae.

Gnatrol will kill the larvae, but the plants have to be treated several times, about six weeks total. If you already have them in your soil, the easiest way to get rid of them is to re-pot your plants in healthy, fresh soil.

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