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The fruit flies have the tendency to settle in anything that is open; hence dust bins are their favorite habitat. Fruit flies cannot resist the smell of fermentation, and since apple cider vinegar is the fermented version of apple and cider, they dive right into them.
This way, the fruit flies will enter the bottle but will not be able to exit, hence will die inside the bottle.
Moreover, there are also commercial medications available in the market to get rid of fruit flies. Within 8-10 days of birth, these annoying creatures, reach their adulthood and get ready to reproduce.

They could enter the houses directly by the air or gain access through fruits and vegetables from the market. Along with the mentioned prevention methods, you may also some steps given below to set trap for the fruit flies to kill them immediately. Once these fruit flies enter into, the narrow neck of the bottle does not let them come out of it. The fruit flies will be attracted to the essence and enter the jar but due to inability of finding the way out, they will die inside over the period of time.
Hence, next time the fruit flies make their way into your house, keep calm and follow these steps to kick them out and gain your awesome lifestyle back.

They can get extremely difficult to get rid of, but persistence and composed mind play a great role.

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