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Bed bugs are universal pests of humans and domestic animals, as well as of bats, birds, and various other mammals.
The most frequent bed bug encountered in the United States is Cimes lectularius, the common bed bug.
In laboratory tests, bed bugs have been found to carry the causative agents for several diseases, such as anthrax, plague, tularemia, yellow fever, relapsing fever, and typhus.
Occasionally, you might find other bugs which resemble the common bed bug including the bat bug and swallow bug. People are traveling more which increases the likelihood of transporting bed bugs from infested to un-infested areas. The United States is experiencing a tremendous amount of immigration from parts of the world where bed bug infestations are common.
Bed bug females lay between 200 and 500 eggs during their lifetime in batches of three to four eggs per day. Bed bugs are found in all types of dwellings and transportation vehicles including single family homes, apartments, public housing, hotels and motels, movie theaters, buses and trains.
This includes identifying the bed bugs, assessing the structure and considering your treatment strategy.
Do not spray these products directly onto the Mattress or box spring, only Bedlam Plus, Zenprox or Sterifab should be used on mattresses and on box springs.
Bed Bugs can re-infest your freshly treated bed, so be sure to stop them from crawling up the bed posts by using Climb-Up Bed Bug Insect Interceptors. From the moment you notice the first bed bug bite the only thing you could think about was how to get rid of them and how to do it FAST. There are a variety of natural and chemical treatments to help you end a bed bug infestation in your home. Of course you and I know that the best and most effective bed bugs treatment is a combination of the two. The first step in any bed bug treatment is to correctly identify the source of the problem.
There are several different types of bugs that are often mistaken for bed bugs including cockroaches and spiders. Any effective bed bugs treatment plan will require notes to make sure you are targeting all the areas in which bed bugs have been spotted. One of the reasons that many people have difficulty getting rid of bed bugs is because they don’t take notes and therefore ignore or forget to treat everywhere bed bugs have been fun. Whether you choose a chemical or non-chemical bed bugs treatment plan, cleaning must be part of that plan. Exterminators are expensive for a household on a budget but there are times when you absolutely need professional advice for an effective bed bugs treatment.
If you forget to follow up on cleaning, looking for bed bugs and eggs or ignore your notes, the process for killing bed bugs will take much longer. If you believe you may have an infestation of bed bugs in your apartment, please contact property management immediately, and if you are in a personally owned home, it is highly recommended you contact a knowledgeable professional as soon as possible.
At times, you may not see the actual bug due to the fact that it tends to feed at night and hide during the day.  If the bug is in fact feeding at night, you may wake up with bed bug bites. Everybody reacts differently to bug bites.  With certain people, a bed bug bite may not appear directly after the bug feeds or possibly not appear at all.
Bed bug powders are among the most commonly used tools in bed bug treatments. Diatomaceous earth in particular is well-known for its natural composition and for being relatively safe to humans.
The idea to scatter powder all over the place comes from the false notion that diatomaceous earth will kill bed bugs really quickly, or wills top them from reaching you and feeding on you. As discussed before, your powder application should be focused on cracks and crevices in the room that bed bugs are likely to be hiding in or traveling through.
While you could do your powder treatment with that built-in nozzle, our preferred method is with a professional powder applicator. This overview covers the basics on how to use an insecticide powder in a bed bug treatment. There’s a common misconception that a bed bug encasement is somehow supposed to prevent bed bugs from reaching you in your bed, or that it somehow kills bed bugs that get onto the bed. What this means for your bed bug treatment is that you only need to treat your mattress and box spring once. If you do find bed bugs on the surface of your encasement, treating them will be very easy. Not only are SafeRest encasements indispensable for bed bug protection, they offer other bed protection features for your day-to-day life. If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, do yourself a favor and avoid cutting corners.
It’s perfectly natural to want to eliminate a bed bug infestation without spending a ton of money on professional-grade products or a treatment by a pest control operator. When people discover that they have bed bugs, they often turn to do-it-yourself recommendations from discussions on the Internet. While alcohol can kill bed bugs on contact, it’s not going to kill nearly enough of bed bugs to be considered effective. In a bed bug treatment, alcohol is basically an attempt to fill the role of a contact spray, which is an insecticide spray that kills bed bugs on contact.
The use of various oils against bed bugs is encouraged by various studies that have shown these oils successfully killing bed bugs. Oil-based products have been so frequently touted as natural bed bug killers that they’ve even attracted government intervention.
Bed bugs are highly vulnerable to heat; exposing them to a certain amount of direct heat will kill them instantly, while lower temperatures can kill them in a matter of minutes. Some less proven heat weapons have been suggested online, such as clothes irons. Clothes irons might reach the temperature needed to kill bed bugs, but the heat won’t penetrate deep into soft materials to where bed bugs might be hiding. If you need to treat items that can’t be laundered or steamed, you can use a portable bed bug heater, like a ZappBug Oven or a ThermalStrike Ranger. A lot of DIY bed bug recommendations involving household items stem from the desire to solve your bed bug problem without spending money or resorting to chemicals. The first spray we’ll be comparing is Bedlam Plus, an updated version of the extremely popular Bedlam by MGK. Bedlam Plus is labeled primarily for use on hard materials, such as baseboards, bed frames, luggage, and wooden furniture. JT Eaton is a world-famous brand in professional-strength pest control, and their Kills Bed Bugs line is well-known for its success in the field. We’ve offered SafeRest encasements for years, and have seen great success in using them as part of our bed bug treatment and prevention solutions. Installing the mattress and box spring encasements is pretty simple, but you might need the help of a second person since it involves lifting the mattress from the bed. We are committed to informing and teaching you about how to get rid of bed bugs in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. A step by step method on how to get rid of bedbugs (bed bugs), by Gerard from Micropest pest control Sydney , using the latest and safest, pet friendly bed bug pest control treatments.

When people ring me on the telephone and say they've got a bedbug problem, the first step is to ascertain whether there is any credibility and what they say I ask them how long do bites last for. Upon confirmation of bedbugs we get you to vacuum and clean all the floors in the house or apartment, remove all materials from underneath your bed, vacuum your bed base and mattress forensically, vacuum your couch forensically, move your bed a half a metre away from all walls and furniture, put all bedding in the dryer on a high heat for half an hour and remove your mattress into the lounge or outside. 1) Upon arrival, when Micropest carries out a bedbug control treatment, the first thing we do is carry out a bedbug inspection of the apartment or house paying close attention to the beds and the couch which is the most common distribution point for bedbugs.
2) We then treat around the skirtings, bed base and a couch in strategic areas with a treatment called FICAM W which is a wettable powder.
3) We then treat all the carpets, couch, bed base and floorboards in the bedroom with a synthetic PYRETHIUM called CISLIN 25 made by Bayer. 4) When all the areas that we have treated for bedbugs are dry, which is usually around two hours depending on the weather, we get you to put a bedbug mattress protector over your mattress which locks any bedbugs in the mattress causing them to die of starvation and stops bedbugs from getting into the mattress. 5) After 30 days we then get you to prepare the house the same way that you did the first time and we give it a second treatment with Cislin 25.
They hide in many places - in beds, closets, furniture, behind pictures, in tiny cracks in the walls, and even inside the walls - so inspections and treatments must be thorough. Every crack and crevice, electrical switch plate, wall switch - EVERYTHING - within 10 to 15 feet of the bed should be treated, particularly those closest to the bed. After everything is put back and all pesticides are dried, vacuum the area again to remove any dead or dying bedbugs and to pick up any spilled dust or pesticide.
The Climb-Up Insect Interceptor is a small dish that is placed under the bed post and captures bedbugs in a a powder coated ring. Bed bugs have to have a blood meal, so if they persist after your treatment, they will find you. We will be more than happy to help you figure out what you are doing wrong and may be able to give you other treatment recommendations that will help rid your home of bed bugs. Unfortunately effective bed bug treatments require time and patience because they are living creatures that cannot be eradicated overnight. This treatment is a process, which means you need to keep track of what you’re doing to get rid of the bed bugs. They are attracted to warmth and blood but cleaning will kill bed bugs and removing clutter will take away some of their beloved hiding places. Run of the mill pesticides and bug repellants won’t work unless they are specific to bed bugs. Getting rid of bed bugs is like fighting a bug like the flu; taking your medicine every day until it’s all gone is the best way to kill it for good. In a situation where you have not seen a bug or received a bite, you may still see bed bug fecal material.  Bed bug feces show up as small, black dots or smears wherever the bedbugs are resting (on the mattress, box spring, headboard, etc…).
However, there is a lot of misinformation online about how bed bug powders work, and how you should use them. Residual powders work by clinging to the bed bugs’ waxy exoskeleton, absorbing the nutrient-rich lipids on their shells and causing them to dehydrate. A lot of tutorials and discussions online suggest that you should scatter diatomaceous earth all over your bedroom. Unfortunately, diatomaceous earth actually takes about a day or two to kill bed bugs once they come in contact with it. You can apply most bed bug powders along door frames, underneath appliances, under the edges of rugs, and the joints and interior areas of wooden furniture. Remember that this does not represent a complete treatment solution, as bed bug powders will not eliminate an infestation on their own.
All of those seams and tufts and folds on your mattress, and all of the wooden joints and corners on your box spring, are places that bed bugs would like to tuck away in between meals.
Simply remove the encasement from the bed and throw it in your washing machine with the rest of your bedding. We recommend the products and treatment methods that we do for good reason, based on the years of experience we have helping people get rid of bed bugs.
SafeRest mattress encasements were designed from the ground up to provide premium bed bug protection and allergy relief. This is suggested because alcohol can kill bed bugs on contact, and evaporates shortly after, so it’s considered safe for use pretty much anywhere in a home. These sprays are proven to kill at a higher rate than rubbing alcohol could manage, and are extremely versatile in where they can be applied. However, those tests tend to use bed bugs that do not have the opportunity to feed on anyone. The theory is that you can stop bed bugs from climbing the legs of your bed by applying these to the legs.
They use a proven treatment process that involves a combination of proven products to get the job done. Dozens of different labels line the aisle of your local hardware store or pest control supply shop, all claiming to kill bed bugs.
The combination of phenothrin, imidacloprid, and a synergist were designed specifically to kill resistant strains of bed bugs.
To help get into cracks and joints, each can of Bedlam Plus is shipped with a straw applicator and nozzle. JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs Plus is the company’s newest formula, and their first bed bug spray to come in an aerosol can. Since they’re labeled for different parts of the bedroom, you’ll have different tools for different parts of the job.
They like to hide in little seams and crevices on your mattress, box spring, pillows, and bed frame.
SafeRest bed bug encasements cover your mattress, box spring, or pillows, and prevent bed bugs from getting in or out thanks to some clever design features. Every encasement in the lineup is breathable, hypoallergenic, completely noiseless, and proven to stop bed bugs from getting in or out of the encased item. These bed bug covers are something everyone needs as part of making a bed bug proof bed, and are an essential part of our proven 4-step treatment solution. I've trained thousands of pest controllers around the world on the art of bed bug pest control.
Flea bites will generally last one or two days, mosquito bites will generally last two or three hours and bedbug bites last 7 to 9 days and are insanely itchy and can cause scaring and on the odd occasion even septicaemia.
Bedbugs regurgitate blood and after 20 min or so the regurgitated red blood turns black and will stain around the seams of the mattress or bed base within one to 2 m from where you lay your head at night, and also I get them to check for live bedbugs and or their eggs.
P.S Telfast is very good for relieving itchy bedbug bites and can be purchased over the counter of your chemist. You can then reassemble your bedroom making sure that the bed stays a half a metre away from all furniture and walls. After all the treatments are carried out we rely upon the bedbugs to feed on you because they require blood feasts regularly.
They are very difficult to get rid of, almost impossible for the average person and even difficult for professional pest controllers.
The National Pest Management Association has declared war on bed bugs and has held bedbug meetings all across the Nation to help educate pest control companies in an effort to help control them.

These type of bed bug traps are very effective and should be used on every bed to help make a complete bed bug proof bed.
Identifying features for bed bugs are their flat shape, brown and light brown color and their small size. These are the areas in the home where bed bugs are most likely to congregate and clutter will make it difficult to treat the whole problem.
As I said earlier, this is a process and you should know ahead of time how much time (and money) will be required to rid your home of bed bugs.
In this brief overview, we’re going to set the record straight and offer some simple instruction on how to use bed bug powders in your home. The beautiful thing about using diatomaceous earth is that it works indefinitely as long as it stays dry; if exposed to water, it loses the abrasive quality that makes it an effective bed bug killer. Some people pack piles of powder around their bed legs, hoping to stop the bugs from reaching them in their bed. The powder is also shown to be less effective in open areas than it is when applied into tight cracks and crevices that bed bugs are slipping in and out of. Then just turn the bottle over, get the tip of that nozzle close to where you want to apply the powder, and give the bottle a very gentle squeeze. Even do-it-yourself methods, such as our 4-step solution, start at a couple hundred dollars and go up from their depending on a number of factors. They’ve been scientifically proven through independent testing to keep bed bugs out of your mattress, and to stop bed bugs already on the mattress from escaping or feeding.
There’s nothing here that kills bed bugs, and it isn’t intended to stop bed bugs from getting onto the surface of the bed.
You’ll need to perform follow-up treatments a couple of weeks apart to hit any survivors or new hatchlings, but you won’t need to retreat the mattress and box spring.
On top of that, alcohol has no long-lasting residual effect, and doesn’t affect bed bug eggs.
Pair contact sprays with a couple of residual sprays, and you have a combination of chemicals that will kill bed bugs quickly now, and keep killing over the next few weeks.
The use of these against bed bugs dates back centuries, as their simple method of suffocating the bugs predates the use of sophisticated chemical killers. In real-world scenarios, where the bugs can still reach a person and feed after being sprayed, they usually survive.
By claiming that their products can stop and prevent bed bug infestations, these marketers opened the door to government lawsuits for misleading their customers. These are pitfall traps that go under the legs of your bed and trap bed bugs in a talcum-lined pitfall that is too slick and smooth for them to climb out of. That heat level can kill bed bugs, but only if you maintain the heat over them for several minutes. A high-pressure steamer is the weapon of choice for killing bed bugs on contact, since their steam can surpass 200 degrees, and can penetrate deep into soft materials like mattresses and upholstered furniture.
Not only are bed bug heaters an effective part of a bed bug treatment process, but they’re one of the most popular prevention tools on the market. Many people who discover they have bed bugs are tempted to throw their bed out, but their new bed is just as likely to get bed bugs in it.
The teeth on the zipper are so small and close together that even the smallest bed bug nymphs can’t get in or out. Multiple tests proved that bed bugs cannot get in or out of an encased mattress, and can’t feed on a person through the encasement.
Micropest has two very informative bed bug videos explaining what a bed bug pest control treatment is and how to find bed bugs.
It approximately takes one year for bedbugs to die of starvation because if they not feed they can hibernate for up to one year, so the bedbug mattress protector must stay on your mattress for approximately one year.
They are attracted to your body heat and CO2 that you expel from your lungs and we rely upon them to come out there hidey-holes to feast on you, meanwhile walking across the treated surfaces and picking up bedbug control treatment on their legs and when they groom themselves they ingest the treatment and DIE.
With powder in those cracks, we ensure that more of the powder will get the chance to stick to the bed bugs’ waxy shells. This is a handy way to reach bed bugs that have managed to get into the wall to hide or to travel between rooms. If you keep the encasements on for at least a year, any bed bugs inside will die of starvation.
Think of it like a raincoat: a raincoat’s job is to stop rain on the surface, and not to let it get underneath and soak the wearer. Encasements cover all of those hiding places and replace them with a single, smooth surface that bed bugs can’t penetrate. The encasements have ensured that there won’t be any bed bugs inside that can feed or breed.
60% sounds good, but a contact killer should be able to kill a lot closer to 100% of the bed bugs you see. When used correctly, even our strongest bed bug sprays won’t have any effect on you, but they will kill bed bugs more effectively than any mixture of household items like herbs or oils.
I hear all the time about bed bugs crawling right over Vaseline, carpet tape, and other adhesive traps like glue boards. You can also use a steamer on more than just clothes or other fabrics; a steamer can kill bed bugs hiding along baseboards, floorboards, window sills, door frames, and the edges of the carpet.
They haven’t done the same research, and they tend not to have much experience getting rid of bed bugs themselves. These are both effective against resistant strains of bed bugs, and the included PBO synergist makes them act faster when freshly applied. The better solution is to use a bed bug proof mattress cover to replace many of those hiding places with a single smooth surface. Bed bugs have piercing-sucking mouthparts that enable them to pierce the skin and suck blood from their hosts. Some people have tried skipping the bed bug encasement portion of the treatment process, and they don’t realize what that shortcut might cost them.
This will make it a lot harder for bed bugs to hide in your bed, and a lot easier for you to spot any signs of bed bugs thanks to that solid white surface. With this enclosure in place, there will be no openings for bed bugs to gain access to the mattress. This layer blocks bed bugs, fluid spills and bacteria from reaching the mattress while still allowing air to flow through, which helps keep you cool as you sleep. It is commonly used in hotels for bed bug monitoring movement before and after treatments have been made. Normally the bugs feed at night, but they will feed during daylight hours in places such as theaters, offices, and rest rooms that are not ordinarily used at night.

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