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Maybe they were enticed by the sweet aroma of cinnamon and raisin scones baking in the oven, but more than likely they had been nesting in the mulch or under the house.
These traps can be very effective against many types of insects (including cockroaches and silverfish), but are especially good with the small ants that are commonly found in kitchens. Making your own ant traps can save you money and is very frugal, as most of the store-bought insecticides are essentially the same thing.
The worker ants gather the boric acid when it’s mixed with your bait (in this case sugar) and carry it back to the colony and queen(s) to share, killing many ants at once. Beyond Pesticides is a good source for how to use boric acid during the construction phase to deter cockroaches, ants, and other insects for many years.

In the last 3 years, no annoying ants have returned to our humble abode, but whenever I see these fascinating busy workers, I remember my girlhood entertainment. The best way I have learned to kill ants and have had amazing results with is to find a trail of ants, take a piece of paper, lay it over the trail and smash as many ants as you can along the trail. What fascination they provided!) But that day in our home, medium-sized, brownish-red ants came in from under the base board. There were droves of them all in a few hours, and we had to do a little dance to avoid stepping on them.

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