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We had so many ants find their way into our house after the crazy rainstorms we had in spring; they were everywhere!
And in my garden there were so many ants all over my chamomile plants that they drove away all the ladybugs I released to help with the aphid infestation! In terms of using borax and boric acid as a pesticide, boric acid is labeled for use as a pesticide, while borax is labeled for use in laundry. So, all of that to say, for the purposes of this tutorial, you can use either boric acid or borax to kill ants!
For both the liquid and solid ant baits, you want to mix the borax or boric acid into the sugary bait in a 1 to 3 ratio.
Borax is harmful to humans and pets if they eat it, but it’s not harmful just to be in the same room with it. I haven’t had red ants in my yard and house so I can’t say for sure, but if they are attracted to sweet foods like most ants are, the borax will kill any type of pest as long as the ants ingest it! But after I put out this borax solution, all the ants disappeared from the garden and I was able to release ladybugs who ate all the aphids.

In the most basic terms, borax is a mineral that is mined from the ground, and it turns into boric acid with further processing (usually exposure to an acid such as hydrochloric or sulfuric acid). But because of the high concentration of borax (the mineral) in borax (the product), it seems to work just as well as boric acid when used in this sugar mixture.
Alternating liquids and solids every few inches, drop each kind of bait onto the trail of ants two or three times. I’ve used a similar recipe in my living room and was so amazed at how quickly all those ants were gone! The ones I used in the dog yard I set a large wired dog crate up and set the borax mixtures in that and set it over the ant trails. I’ll have to try that because we have ants in the house again after all the rain last week! If you can put it somewhere where the baby can’t get at it for 3-4 days, then it’s perfectly safe to put it indoors!
And those store bought ant traps only kill the worker ants who actually find their way to the trap.

The borax you can buy in stores is usually 20 Mule Team Borax, which is labeled for use in laundry. Even if the trail of ants goes up a wall, just drip some liquid down the wall on top of the ants.┬áThis ensures the ants can find the bait; if you drop it even just a few inches away, they might walk right past it on their way into your house! If you set it outside on flat tupperware lids, it only takes 2-3 days for the ants to eat it, then you can pick up the lids and let the dogs back out. Luckily there’s a really simple way to get rid of ants (including the larvae and queen!) with borax and sugar! So to fully kill an entire colony of ants you need bait that is both liquid and solid so that the worker ants eat the liquids, and bring the solids back to the nest for the larvae and queen.

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