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Another option you can consider is using a synthetic pesticide to spot treat the ant hills.
They built little ant hills throughout the struggling grass (remember, this is our first summer resurrecting a lawn neglected for a few years before we moved in!). It took several years for the lawn to get into this condition, and I know it won’t come back overnight.

Bayer Advanced Triple Action Ant Killer Granules, Ortho "Ant B Gon" Dust, Ortho "Ant B Gon" Bait or a general insect control for lawn and landscape). There are several methods to remove ants from your lawn that don’t involve poisons that can harm other insects, including diatomaceous earth. Be sure the area receives the appropriate amount of water.Once the lawn ants are gone, practice proper lawn maintenance to keep your lawn healthy and stress free.

She relied on my expertise and allowed me to apply an insecticide to the problem areas.As I was cutting her lawn the following week, I noticed that both of her neighbors had ant hills all over their yards.

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