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Flies enjoy the great indoors––it's warm, there's often food on offer and the weather isn't bothersome! Before trying the arsenal of solutions suggested in the following sections, see if you can shoo the flies out of your home by causing the flies to follow the light. Hang the bag from a tree––choose a tree that is well away from your house and away from often-used entrance doors. If possible, shut doors to rooms where the flies aren't (you'll need to satisfy yourself first that such rooms are actually fly-free). They're not bright enough to work out how to get back out and the vinegar will take care of them.
They'll get stuck and you simply dispose of the strips when you can't bear looking at the sight anymore––for some this is one stuck fly, for others, maybe 20!
These are the colorful strips of plastic often seen on take-out stores in areas where flies are rampant.

There are several things that can be rubbed around entrance areas that will help to deter flies. This is an old-fashioned deterrent idea.[4] It might be a lot of effort to get the juice though––you'll need to process the onions, pour off the juice, look out for the tears and then paint it on the doorway!
Let it stay there and it will begin to rot under the elements, turning into a veritable delight for the local flies. Recipe to get rid of Fruit FliesHey it’s not fun in September in SW Michigan if you have hundreds of fruit flies all over your kitchen!I tried 2 other things but this did the trick!
Flies will hang around the kitchen if there is a food source, so put away or thoroughly cover cakes, cookies, cut fruit, any food no longer being immediately used to prepare dishes, etc. This is a main attractant of flies and can result in homegrown maggots if flies have access to it.
It doesn't take long to work a small hole into a fly-sized hole that will be used once the flies discover it.

Mint is one such plant––place it in large pots next to the front and back doors to act as a possible deterrent barrier.[4] It's not guaranteed but it can serve as at least one way to shoo those flies outside.
The flies will be attracted to the scent and will drown because of the soap.Thank you for visiting Vegan Gal.
Alternatively, wear disposable gloves and pick up by hand, then discard the gloves with the flies.

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