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I was faced with a familiar problem in my kitchen yesterday: every time I touched my counter-top pile of ripening produce, a swarm of fruit flies rose from the mountain like a flock of startled birds. Your kitchen will be fly-free until you bring in another load of fruit that has them hidden within.
Place the funnel in the jar, and tape the top edges of the jar to the funnel, creating a seal all around.
The flies will eventually meander toward that scent of ripe banana and vinegar, and being intoxicated with the promise of sugars, will fly into the funnel.

One of the dangers of being an avid composter is that, if you forget to take out the compost before leaving your house for a few weeks, you will have inherited a mess. It took about three days and seven traps to completely rid the house of fruit flies, but it was non-pesticide-based and only cost me the price of a beer. Since we were expecting friends for dinner, and swarming fruit flies wouldn’t add much to my tablescape (ahem), fast-action was in order.
I’ve done it about half a dozen times (once, back-to-back, for an especially rowdy crowd) over the course of the summer.

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