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If swarms of tiny flies have suddenly sprung up around your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or shower, you may have a drain fly infestation.
Luckily, drain flies do not stray far from the place they have chosen to make their home, so it is rare for a drain fly infestation to spread to all areas of the house. You might actually be infested by another type of fly drawn in by rotting fruit or other food sources. Even if you do not find any drain flies on the tape after the first night, you should repeat this process for at least four nights to account for discrepancies in the breeding cycle. The key in destroying the drain fly's breeding ground is removing all hair, grime, and debris that the flies might lay their eggs in.
Vinegar, boiling water, and bleach are traditional remedies for getting rid of drain flies, but many experts insist that these methods are not effective.

Baking soda and vinegar poured down the drain may kill the flies; it will clean the drain at least.
Finish up with a plunger.[4] After the drain cleaner has sat in the sink for several hours, flush it through with plenty of water. While destroying the breeding grounds will prevent the flies from laying more eggs, you'll still have to deal with adult drain flies up to 20 days after you clean the drains. Drain flies live and breed in the organic matter trapped inside moist drains, so getting rid of these pests is usually as simple as removing the gunk inside your pipes.
As a result, you should verify that you actually have drain flies in your drain before taking measures to remove them.
If you spot flies on the tape after removing it from the drain, drain flies are the most likely culprit.

Go to the drain area and squash as many of the drain flies as possible with a standard fly swatter. You should clean the drains in your house at least once every month, but if you've already had problems with drain flies, you may want to increase this to once every one or two weeks.
Since flies only breed once they enter the adult stage, this greatly reduces the number of flies breeding, thereby cutting down on future infestations. A thorough cleaning should do the trick, and before you know it the drain flies will be history.

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