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Besides raccoons we've been getting lots of calls for both gray and flying squirrels which is very common for the month of April.
While performing a routine squirrel control service at a home in a downtown Boston I had a curious gray squirrel hanging around on the roof with me for quite some time. Since the last update we've been busy removing female raccoons and juveniles from attics and chimneys almost daily. The female was entering through a chimney and then into the attic through a hole in the side of the chimney. The gray squirrel sitting on the roof at the entry point, the hole that the squirrel chewed through the ridge vent to gain access to the attic and the nest that the squirrel made once it got inside the attic. The bat calls subside and the calls for squirrels and mice start to come in regularly as the cold weather arrives. Most people wouldn't think of Newton as having enough undeveloped land to support a healthy population of these woodland squirrels but over the last few years we've been getting more and more calls for flying squirrels in Newton.

This squirrel had a lot of red-brown in it and was a very beautiful animal.Click here to see the video of this curious animal checking me out. With the first cold nights of Fall we are getting calls about squirrels chewing their way into houses in an effort to stay warm.
The picture on the right is a gray squirrel that has a piece of caution tape around its neck. In the job featured above the customer called and told me that she had just started hearing a lot of noises in her attic that day and that she had never heard them before.
The squirrel must have chewed its way through a piece of the tape and it got stuck around its neck. It seems like I'm either sitting inside a fireplace covered in soot or sweating in a hot attic covered in insulation trying to coax a big, angry female raccoon into a trap.
We finished up a lot of outstanding bat removal projects just in time to get buried with calls for squirrels.

Flying squirrels have also returned to their winter homes (meaning houses) and we have gotten quite a few calls for them as well.
Visit this page to see another example of a Providence squirrel removal project that we completed. I removed the squirrel from the barrel and shot this video of the flying squirrel inside the barrel.

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