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The Mantis 1x2 Fly Light is ready for use right out of the box and requires no tools or setup. The Genus Spectra Fly Trap featues a modern design and superior performance for the ultimate in professional fly control traps.
Before I put this unit up I expected to see at least one fly every day in my garage, but now I do not see any flies at all except for the ones caught on the units sticky boards! Please refer to and follow the directions on the Gardner WS-85 Wall Sconce Fly Light product label.
The FlyWeb fly light is a compact insect light trap for indoors that plugs directly into a standard electrical outlet, bringing high-tech and effective fly control right to your home, office or restaurant.
The compact Fly Web Fly light is designed for use indoors in residential and commercial areas. Fly Web uses an insect-attracting lamp to lure insects to the adhesive trapping glue board. Lures and captures house flies, bottle flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths, and other flying insects. It works best at night when all of the home lights are out as they are attracted to it more. This Flyweb Fly Light has done an effective and efficient job of ridding the house of small flying bugs! I have had no less than 20 flys at a time in the work space where I am trying to use this Fly Light. AThe flies can be seen on the glue board behind the Flyweb Fly Light when a large amount has been caught. This powerful fly light trap has 2 x 36 watt bulbs for a total of 72 watts of UV light, providing a faster catch and wider coverage. But my searching stopped when I was able to find this astonishing gardner ws 85 Light Traps!
I never seem to get the concept right for some reason but when a few weeks ago, I got the Gardner WS-85 Wall Sconce Fly Light, I got totally impressed by the efficiency of the flytrap. The stylish design of the flytraps combines a V-shape wall sconce light and a hidden flying insect trap.

The FlyWeb uses an insect attracting lamp to lure insects into a glue board that traps the unsuspecting pests.
Its compact size and direct plug-in features allow the light to be placed in any standard electrical outlet. When the glue board is full of insects, simply remove and discard it; then replace it with a new adhesive trapping board. You can find the Flyweb Flylight light bulbs and glue boards by simply typing Flyweb into our search feature or by following the links we have provided. The Mantis includes two 15-watt UV bulbs and a large glue board to trap flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. The Genus Spectra Fly Light is perfect for food handling and food service areas, where a quick fly catch and sleek, clean appearance is important. Flying insects are captured and hidden from view on replaceable adhesive glue pads at the top of the sconce trap.
Flying insects are captured and hidden from view on replaceable adhesive panels at the top of the sconce trap. After a week of using the pest control product, I could already see a difference where the fly population in my home is concerned.
When I first came across the Pestmall blog while browsing the Internet for innovative fly control solutions, I was amazed by the whole arsenal of fly control products available on there and I just could not make up my mind about which one to order.
I use it in my kitchen every night above the counter to trap flies that get in our house during the day.
This year, I decided to try a fly light, and after doing a bit of research, the Flyweb Fly Light seemed like the right match for our kitchen. Because the interior of my home shows different shades of gold and white, I thought that the Gardner WS-85 Wall Sconce Fly Light would be just perfect and I was right. Traps house flies, fruit flies, cluster flies, phorid flies, bottle flies, drain flies, mosquitoes, gnats and more. Just like the site recommends, I turn off all the other lights in the kitchen and just let the Flyweb serve as a night light.
Alas, it does not fit in our plugs on the kitchen backsplash, it is a tad too long and since the plug on the light is in a fixed position, we could not place it near the offending counters.

Mantis 1x2 Fly Light trap is absolutely a “ready-to-go out of the box and need not to do anything” thing! In the 1st 2 weeks it caught 4 flies (not kidding!) I contacted the company and was told that, that is pretty good and to buy other chemicals to combat my fly problem.
Where I live, flies tend to be annoyingly numerous and over the years, I tried perhaps hundreds of fly control traps of all sorts really but nothing worked as they should have. Perhaps that is why we have only caught one fruit fly and I have had to continue sticking the little buggers with the central vac hose. The Gardner WS-85 Wall Sconce Fly Light is innovative and it has the added benefit of being appealing to the eyes of beholders. We had a fruit fly issue one week and I eliminated the problem using this light for about three nights. Just plug it in and put a glue board in the slot, then at night bugs are attracted to the light. I contacted the company to tell them what a great product this is and they told that, that is pretty good and it will take care of any fly problem.
Our other dog, Bohdi, who has better sight than an eagle, freaks out when he sees us get the fly swatter out - so one little fly causes much trauma in our household.
If you don't seem to catch anything, try moving the trap around to different areas of the kitchen or home and keep it about 4-6 feet off the ground (which is where I seem to catch the most). Next year, we will probably try some other light, as the little buggers also seem to be wise to our other traps (vinegar, wine, etc). I've plugged this thing in with a fly nearby and literally watched as the fly went right to the trap!

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