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Star Gazing Syndrome { Also called Fly Catchers Syndrome } is a form of compulsive behaviour which you can sometimes see in dogs.Though rare I have seen it a few times in the past, however it is quite a variable disease and it can be very demanding for the vet concerned both in terms of diagnosis and treatment. In my experience this disease seems to affect small dogs as opposed to large breeds, the breed I have personally seen it in most in is the King Charles but I have also seen cases in Chihuahuas and various small terrier type breeds. So-called Fly Catcher’s Syndrome is a variant where hallucinations cause the dog to leap and snap at imaginary objects, as if flies were in front of their nose.

In its classical form these dogs appear to be staring fixedly at objects far in the distance or watching imaginary flies buzzing in front of their faces and then trying to bite these imaginary flies.
Some affected dogs may compulsively chase their tails or act as if their ears or paws are irritated. Where my treatment failed in the past I have in a few cases referred affected dogs to specialists but unfortunately at the end of the day sometimes this is just a condition which affected dogs have to live with.

On a lighter note I have occasionally known owners concerned that affected dogs are staring at some supernatural phenomenon which humans cannot see!

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