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In widespread, severe weed infestation, cultural methods may be too labor intensive to consider.
They will seize the smallest opportunity they can get to choke all plants that grow in the lawn.
Whichever method is adopted depends on the type of weed as well and the status of the soil and the grass growing it.
Any slight weakness or aperture weeds can find in the lawn soil provides a great opportunity for weeds to grow.

Moreover, if there is no time for manual removal of the weeds; herbicides (or chemical weed killers) can be used to control the lawn weeds. They can seriously interfere with the quality of the grass that grows in the lawn and well as the entire exterior design of a home. It involves identifying the weeds and manually plucking them out immediately they are identified. The most effective weed killers are the preemergence ones because they eliminate the weeds in totality by preventing their germination.

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