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Kill Fleas YardChoose an appropriate exterminator to kill yard fleas and fully read the instructions.
Prepare the front and backyard (remove any animals, pets, children) and cover any furniture that may spoil. Use the spray, powder, fogger, traps in a safe manner and leave for the appropriate amount of time before returning. It may also be courteous to alert any nearby neighbours so they can be safely out of the way also.

You don't want to destroy anything but your infestation in this process.It may be necessary for multiple attempts to clear all the parasites that may be lurking, but perseverance is necessary.
There are several exterminators that will be more than happy to come round and assist (but it may come at a much higher price). Good luck!Kill Fleas YardTo kill all fleas in the yard you may need to use strong chemicals. If you do not want to use such harsh chemicals then look for natural alternatives - some are mentioned on the yard fleas page that can be reached at the base of this page or alternatively visit our naturally kill fleas pageAlways be sure to know what products you are using before applying them to the garden - check the contents, close windows to the home and wear protective masks and clothing should it be necessary.

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