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The ants are considered highly invasive and have shown up in a number of locations, including a community garden in Burnaby, where caretaker Abdul Majid said he set out traps after he was stung. Gardeners using the site had tests performed and learned the garden has been overrun by the fire ant, which means certain precautions now have to be taken. This ant first arrived in Eastern Canada about 100 years ago, but has not been seen in B.C. The good news is the ants do not appear to get into houses, but once they are in a lawn, they are extremely hard to get rid of.
An expert on the nearly indestructable European fire ants spreading across Metro Vancouver says he hopes some provincial funding will help find a solution.
Rob Higgins, a biologist with Thompson Rivers University says as the weather heats up so do the calls about the nasty ants.

Higgins says funding would also allow mapping of the ants to see if there are any natural boundaries that prevents them spreading, which could then be exploited.
Further complicating matters is the temperate climate of this part of British Columbia which is a paradise for the red ants.
The government of British Columbia has put together a great resource page on the European Fire Ant.
The European fire ant, Myrmica rubra, was first recorded in BC in 2010 and has since been confirmed in several isolated locations in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Chilliwack, Victoria and Courtenay. Over the past ten years it has become a significant pest in a number of states in the US and Canadian provinces. European fire ants prefer moist environments, making irrigated lawns and gardens on the West Coast of BC an ideal place to become established.

They quickly overrun the area when they form their nest killing off all other forms of ants.
They are very aggressive and get pissed off at any ground disturbance making it very easy for someone to innocently get a swarm of angry red ants crawling up their feet and legs. Even Professor Higgins himself claimed that if the red ants establish a presence at a city recreational facility or park, the location will be useless to people.
Don’t bother hitting them with commercial grade pesticides as the ants are impervious to them.

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