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Fipronil is used in granular turf products, seed treatments, topical pet care products, gel baits, liquid termiticides, and in agriculture. Insect specificity of Fipronil may come from a better efficacy on GABA receptor but also on the fact that GluCl does not exist in mammals. Wildlife impacts include the following: Fipronil is highly toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates.

Fipronil has been found to be highly toxic to upland game birds, but is practically non-toxic to waterfowl and other bird species (2,4).
One of the metabolites of Fipronil has a higher toxicity to birds than the parent compound itself. Fipronil-sulfone is reportedly six times more potent in blocking vertebrate GABA-gated chloride channels than Fipronil, but demonstrates similar toxicity to the parent compound in mammals.

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