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Rats & Mice are usually classified as a pest species due to their habits of living in houses and gnawing. Click here for a nationwide list of 100's of professional mice & rat trappers serving all 50 states. At night (and sometimes during the day) I hear scratching noises & sometimes it sounds as if a Big Man has gotten trapped or logged between my walls & is trying to escape. Don’t leave clothing in the corners; your home shouldn’t be stuffed because mice can easily find places for nesting.
Mice are tiny creatures and they can easily get through the holes which are less than ? inch. This method will keep mice outside your house and help you to solve the problem how to get rid of field mice.

The place i moved into was already old and crappy so it was infested with mice before i ever moved in.major anxiety attacks because of it. Mind that it’s not appropriate if you have pets at home, because mice poison can affect everybody who tries it. We have big rats in the house and that what we don’t know is because our home and yard is clean but we still have.
Then we had a new central air unit installed and the company that installed left a huge opening under the part of our house that isn’t used.
But what’s more dangerous is that mice can cause health risks, they can damage furniture, walls or chew cables in the houses which may lead even to fires.
So, you may use cotton balls with peppermint oil in areas where mice can get in the house easily.

My husband was under the new addition and discovered this huge opening where a dog could have walked it if he could get into the open space under the new addition. Mind that you should reveal mice at least 1 mile from your house because they can come back to the house easily.
My husband used to race pigeons and he built a building to house them, I know since the built that building there are just more mice around the entire area. I said a prayer and walked down the steps to find a deal mouse had managed to drag that long line of sticky boards about three feet from where I had it.

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