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GenusLibellula (1)The widow skimmer (Libellula luctuosa) is a large, attractive dragonfly with uniquely patterned wings, which are dark at the base, white in the middle and glass-like on the tips (3) (4).
The female and juvenile widow skimmer have a dark body with a yellow stripe which extends from the upperside of the thorax to the base of the abdomen, where it splits into two lines (3).
Widow skimmer biologyThe flight season of the widow skimmer, when the adults are active, can vary between April and November throughout its range (5). The male widow skimmer defends a large territory, regularly partaking in territorial disputes and chases with other males, as well as with other dragonfly species.

Copulation lasts for between 10 and 20 seconds and occurs both in flight and at rest, and is followed the female depositing the fertilised eggs into water (5).
The diet of the adult widow skimmer consists of small flying insects, which are hunted from an elevated perch (2).
Widow skimmer habitatThe widow skimmer commonly inhabits areas surrounding ponds, marshes, lakes, pools and slow streams (1) (3) (4) (5). Widow skimmer conservationThere are not known to be any specific conservation measures currently in place for this common and widespread dragonfly.

While the female deposits the eggs, the male will occasionally guard the female to guarantee the eggs are fertilised using his sperm, by ensuring no further copulation occurs with other males (5) (7). Widow skimmer larvae are aquatic and pass through a number of developmental stages until they finally crawl to the shore and break open the skin, revealing a fully-formed adult (2) (7).

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