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Ohio Landlord Holding Tenants Responsible For Bed BugsThe tenant to sign this bed bug addendum, attesting to the fact that their apartment is bed bug free. Bed Bug Basics – Pest ControlIdentification, Prevention and Extermination of Bed Bugs.
BED BUG POLICIES And PROCEDURES For Properties Minimum Policy …BED BUG POLICIES and PROCEDURES for Properties . How To Make A $1 Roach Trap And End Your bug Problems For …How to get rid of roaches using proven low or no cost non toxic methods. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES 131 Coventry Street …And environmental health inspectors regarding bed bug prevention and extermination.

Our thermal eradication method uses infrared and laser equipment that sends out a uniform heat of 135 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all life stages of bed bugs in one go. We also provide free check-ups to ensure our work was worth the bed bug extermination cost.
This Bed Bug Policy increase the likelihood of a successful treatment, reduce the risk of bed bugs spreading over the long term, and hopefully reduce the cost extermination plan. Bed bug infestations are becoming increasingly common and Not only are bed bugs a significant nuisance to tenants, but eliminating bed bugs can be a significant cost for property owners. Don’t waste your money on ineffective treatments that only kill the mature life stages of bed bugs, leaving behind eggs to hatch into a new problem weeks down the line.

Call EnviroCon Termite & Pest today for a free quote on our thermal bed bug removal process.

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