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Charlotte area residents have been under attack the last few weeks, under attack from fierce stinging fire ants. The increase of rain in the greater Charlotte area, combined with a delay in the extremely high temperatures, has created an ideal environment for Fire ants to invade our homes. Once the heavy summer rains subside, the Fire ants will return to their mounds and repair any damage the moisture may have likely caused. One of the most common and most feared pests in Charlotte, NC is the Red Imported Fire ant. If you are seeing an invasion of Fire ants in and around your Charlotte, NC home or property, do not wait until it’s too late before you get some help.

In fact, the fire ant control professionals at Bulwark Exterminating in Charlotte have been taking numerous phone calls a day from desperate Charlotte homeowners needing answers and protection from these malevolent ant pests.
The Fire ants are looking to escape the excessive water, and head for higher ground away from the moisture and puddles. This is very evident to most of us in Charlotte who are seeing these stinging ants in our homes, schools, churches, libraries, and stores. Waiting can cause the ants to completely take over your property; stinging you, your children, and your pets. These ants are well known for their very painful stings, and the massive mounds these destructive ants build in your yards.

If you start seeing these ants in one place, it won’t be long before they’ll be within a mile radius.

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