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This is the new wave in technology and a perfect solution to getting rid of spiders from your home or office. The Procter Pest-Stop 3000 (Professional) Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Repeller is a technologically advanced and powerful repellent device to repel spiders. The repeller uses fluctuating ultrasonic waves to cause auditory stress to pests and disrupts their normal behaviour, making it uncomfortable for them to stay in the same room as the device, enabling the user to rid an area of pests without the use of traps or chemicals. The electromagnetic function uses every electrical cable in the building to carry and transmits a signal which can be detected by the pests up to 1 metre from any cable, even inside wall and ceiling spaces, and will then repel them.

The Procter Pest-Stop 3000 repeller is supplied ready for immediate use and comes complete with instructions.
About adminAs the site suggests I am scared of spiders, despite being 6ft tall and 18 stone!! This is the pest stop 3000 an Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Pest Repeller which covers any house up to 3000 square feet. I built this web site to show people there are effective solutions to help keep spiders away from your home and office.

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