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The female lays around 30 eggs that are laid in soil and looks after eggs and young until they are ready to disperse.
For your free onsite earwig pest control quotation, search for your local Pestforce technician at the top right corner of this page. Earwigs get their name from the myth that they crawl into sleeping people’s ears and tunnel into the brain.
There are 22 types of Earwigs in the United States and there are over a 1,000 different species all over the world. If earwigs have become a problem in your home or yard contact Johnson Pest Control for more information on eliminating unwanted pests. A nice two foot wide barrier of granules in the perimeter soil of your home and spray any cracks in the foundation and where cement slabs meet the walls. Excellent observation on my post PJ, with those eyes you’ll have no trouble spotting your earwigs. Actually a bowl of eggshells outside on your patio will kill several hundred earwigs at a time. I rent a house that has termites, a wet basement, and now an infestation of what I think are earwigs.

If you do take some earwigs in your boxes I would imagine they’ll die before they make the move in the dry boxes. They can be in any hidden areas of our houses any time that is why they are hard to get rid of. They can be difficult to control firstly because they hide in cracks and crevices, under fixed furniture and in pipe ducts and ventilation shafts. I guess the smaller pieces might fair better for them to eat but that’s not really the point of the trap. The smaller sand particle gets a little deeper into the thatch and can also get into small little cracks like in a side walk.
You can always do a crack and crevice treatment before you move in and that will set you up just fine inside your new home.
Its been dry outside but I dont have planters or welcome mats by the door.  We sprayed 5 days ago around the house also. As to your question, although they have fairly sharp pincers, I doubt very highly they’s be strong enough to puncture through.
For more detailed information look at the Legend of the earwig article and you’ll know more than you want to about earwigs.

The Niban bait is a bigger granule and stays higher and this is good so the two don’t mix so much if you over lap. I have other tips to prepare and prevent earwigs which you might find useful for your new abode. Use your imagination and stick with what’s working for you-it might not be the same all over.
That said- I do know of cases where termites will chew through the liner of above ground pools to get moisture to seep out. It is the goal of this site to inform you with his keen insights and safely guide you through your pest control treatment needs.

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