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An ultrasonic spider repellent has a great effect in about 120 – 190 square meters in the room. Clearly, the frequency needed to repeal spiders is different from the frequency required to repeal mice. Although these devices were invented about 20 years ago, they have only recently become widely advertised and popular.
It tends to be the most effective and environmentally friendly way to get rid of different pests. Actually, there are two types of spider repellents widely used, these are Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic. It shouldn’t be faced to the window or door; otherwise, the sound pressure will be decreased and the effect will not be reached.

Even though Ultrasonic spider repellent works better in a room, you can also try to use it outdoors. Electromagnetic pest repellents claim to alter the electromagnetic field of household wiring. Despite the fact that ultrasonic sound is not harmful for human beings, the UK’s Advisory Group on Non-ionizing Radiation and Health Protecting Agency recommends to limit the time of using this device.
The device actually vibrates the electromagnetic field existing around the wirings in your walls.
You may increase the effect by using several sets of machines in your house at the same time.
This device can also be used in hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, department stores, food shops, drug-stores, theaters, etc.

Among various available ultrasonic pest control technologies, ultrasonic spider repellent is a relatively new device.
People cannot hear such high frequency waves, but they are very audible to those tiny creatures.
It is important to remember that during the first days of using sonic spider repellent it seems like the number of spiders and other pests has increased.
Unlike traditional methods, ultrasonic spider repellers are quite reasonable so, everyone can afford to use them.

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