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It’s no wonder that chemical free alternatives to repelling rats and mice is becoming very popular. Join the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide that are using the plug-in Pestrol Rodent Repeller to get their home rodent free. The Rodent Repeller uses a combination of ultrasonic, electromagnetic and ionic technologies to get rid of rats and mice from in your home and workplaces. The ultrasonic component of our Pestrol Rodent Repeller emits a high pressured ultrasonic (humans cannot hear this) sound directly from the speaker in the unit. Ionic technology that is emitted from the Pestrol rat and mouse Repeller electrically charges atoms that are in our homes. Need a commercial electronic rodent and bird repeller: click here or if you need a electronic rodent repeller solely for open areas try our new Impact Rodent Repeller.

Our Pestrol Rat and Mouse Repeller is a eco-friendly pest control product that only requires mains power to operate. The sounds are fluctuating and drives rodents and cockroaches directly from where the unit is plugged in. Animals; including rats, mice and insects are sensitive to these ions and move away to seek shelter or protection. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind when choosing a location to plug your rodent Repeller in.

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