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Just like getting pepper spray onto any part of your skin irritates it, the venom released by the bee when it stings too is designed to trigger a sharp sensation of pain into the victim of the bee. If you have ever received a vaccine through an injection, you’d understand just why the sting of a bee gives you that massive bump in your skin. Why do spacers hurt so much I've got these spacers in right now and they are very painful!

The creatures look pretty harmless to anyone who has never incurred their wrath, the rest of us know pretty well how a single be sting can put the love of god back into one’s heart.
The burning sensation felt by the victim of a bee sting is caused by the chemical melittin which is actually venom that is designed by Mother Nature to set off the pain receptors immediately. This makes the entry and exit of the stinger through the skin and underlying tissue all the more traumatic for the organ.

In some cases, the stinger is ejected once the body rushes fluids to the sting site that may cause the stinger to naturally fall off from the skin though in some cases the stinger remains jammed in the skin and continues to release the venom for up to a minute.

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