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Female bedbugs are capable of laying about 500 eggs in their lifetime under optimal temperature and blood meal conditions. FTC Takes Action Against Companies Marketing Allegedly Unproven Natural Bed Bug Treatments such as Cedarcide, BestYet & RestEasy. Bed bug eggs are glued in place and bed bugs can hold on surprisingly well opposite a vacuum.
Immature bed bugs maintain their reddish color for as long as they have remnants of their blood meal within their gut.

While bed bugs are normally active at night, they will feed in the daytime if their host happens to be a night shift type worker or a person who maintains such hours. They closely resemble adults, but are smaller and lack the deep reddish-brown color found in the adult bedbug.
After identifying the insect you found as a bedbug, you might want to inspect your bedroom or office for black spots, a bedbug’s waste on your bedding, mattress, and box spring. A report dated December 02, 2013 states that entomologists have agreed the worst of bed bug infestation has yet to come despite the already high number of cases this year.

While a bedbug is at rest, the beak lies beneath the body and projects backwards between the legs.

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