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Wasps are any number of insects that are mainly part of the superfamilies Vespoidia or Sphecoidea that may live alone or, more commonly, as part of a communal and social group. Both yellowjackets and hornets can deliver a very painful sting and come in different variations of black and yellow.
One of the biggest differences between yellowjackets and hornets is their choices of nesting locations. The aggressiveness of the two species accounts for another major difference between yellowjackets and hornets.
However, despite the problems they can cause, both yellowjackets and hornets may have a net benefit to humans.
The first thing you need to do, before you even start to remove the nest, is to make sure that you're dressed properly -- long sleeves, long pants, a drape over your head, gloves and boots are a must.

Then, wait until nightfall, when all the hornets are in the nest, and go underneath and slightly to one side of it. If you still have hornets after that, then you're probably going to need to just call an exterminator. Ooh, I hate all of those things, hornets, wasps, yellowjackets, even honey bees. My uncle used to run a hornets nest removal service and he would sometimes bring home old nests after all the hornets had died. Yellowjackets tend to have more pronounced black and white stripes running across their bodies than do hornets.
Yellowjackets are often found nesting underground in areas that have been hollowed out by rodents or other animals. In other words all hornets and yellowjackets are wasps, but not all wasps are hornets or yellowjackets.

Hornets, on the other hand, usually stay above ground, nesting in trees, shrubs and perhaps under eaves of homes.
However, yellowjackets and hornets both can defend their nests and as their numbers grow, do so with increasing ferocity as their numbers increase. Therefore, the late summer and fall, when their numbers are at their highest, are the times they cause the most problems for humans.
Again, because they can be quite aggressive, encountering yellowjackets in any situation offers a chance to be stung, but generally they are not interested in people unless they perceive a direct threat.

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