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Question: I was replacing two window screens, and when I took apart the aluminum frame what appeared as hundreds, if not thousands, of what looked like termites flew out from within the aluminum frames.
ANSWER: Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between winged ants and winged termites. Looking at the wood around the window frame, I could not see any evidence of termites, only inside the aluminum frame.
There are three body parts that are distinctive—waist, wings and antennae. You have to look closely. Then you have to figure out how and why the wood was moisture damaged and solve that problem—or the ants will be back, and the wood will get worse.

Had some winged insects that came out after a heavy snow day between sidewalk and brick patio. It looks like an ant, some are small and some are huge, and they have long wings that extend past their bottom.
You can try to spot-eliminate an ant infestation, but nothing’s going to be effective unless you find the colonies and nests where the critters live.
I guess that means I probably have ant colonies sitting inside the aluminum frames of other window screens.
I know that they are not termites, but I cannot figure out what they are and where they are coming from.

Ants were not visible around the outside of the frames, nor in the windows, nor along the inside or outside walls. I will probably put ant bait granules on the outside window frames with the hope that they are taken inside the frames.

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