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Please, note that all of these Pictures depict Scenes of a Very High Level of bed bug Infestation. It's only the concentration or density of their presence, along with the eggs, skin sheds, and excrements that indicates the scope of a Bed Bug nest. This location does not provide any shelter from lights and it is quite a distance from the bed where the host might be found. These factors made us consider this to be the worst case of Bed Bug infestation that we had to exterminate in Toronto.
Just like the Electrical Socket, when such spots, that provide recessed areas of shelter for Bed Bugs to creep into, exist near a bed, they become a great potential nesting spots.
Before Bed Bugs would be compelled to nest in the Electrical Sockets when the infestation has well established. This is one the factor that we weighed in to declare this to be the worst case of Bed Bug infestation that we provided extermination services for.
Toronto's Pest Control, Extermination and Fumigation Services Provider for Bed Bugs, Fleas, Carpenter Ants, Cockroaches, Centipedes, Spiders, Wasps, Moths, Flies, etc. They start appearing in early spring, after a bit of warm weather, crawling on the window sills: Tiny red bugs, so small that some people mistake them for dust. For more information about our bed bug services, visit our website or call our office at (302) 436-8140 or 800-908-1000. This has been, so far, the highest level of Bed Bug infestation that we have successfully exterminated with only TWO application visits. Most infestation would not compare to this in terms of number of Bed Bugs, their Eggs, Skin Sheds and Feces (excrements). It is the curled up edges of such paper coverings that provide Bed Bugs the perfect spots to sneak under. Perhaps you’re relocating leftover firewood, or cleaning out the flower beds, or preparing the garden.

Locally, they are usually found in wooded areas, sometimes inhabiting soil, leaf litter, and dead trees. Attracted to well-fertilized lawns, they climb up the sunny side of a house and enter through windows and doors, and then congregate on and around window sills. Window sills and baseboards are treated inside, and the outside perimeter of the home is sprayed. The bad news: Bed bugs are alive and well, and infesting every human environment imaginable, from homes to libraries to theaters to taxis. Carefully remove the blankets and sheets, while looking for live or dead bugs, bloodstains, or fecal matter (tiny black spots, usually in a cluster). Bed bugs are usually found within a few feet of the host (you), and it’s possible for them to infest a nightstand but not the bed. Or, your college student has just returned to school after spring break, once again leaving an empty bedroom. It’s almost impossible to inspect without one, as the flat, apple-seed-sized bugs often rest in cracks and crevices. They’re often found in leaky window frames, firewood, tree stumps, rotting logs, and old lumber. Winged and wingless swarmers might be found around the perimeter of the house, crawling on the foundation and the flower beds. Sometimes an otherwise clean bed conceals numerous bugs under the box-spring; along the edge, or under a tag, or inside one of the plastic corners.

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