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Mulch is a protective covering placed over garden to reduce moisture loss, increase nutrients and suppress weed growth used in all regions of Australia. Due to the climate of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Caloundra, Nambour, Coolum Beach and surrounding areas, mulch has to be managed and replaced more often than many other Australian regions.
Organic mulch include mulches that break down and feed the soil like sugar cane, lucerne, straw, lawn cuttings, even compost. Weeds rob the soil of nutrients so commercial weed mats and DIY weed mats like paper, cardboard and plastic sheeting assist in stopping weed growth through the mulch. Mulches feed the soil as they break down and are excellent in the garden and termites are not attracted to them unless there is a cellulose source.
Problems arises for consumers when they buy termite resistant mulches, thinking they are safe but they are made up of 100% sapwood or bark. Mulch can be made of anything that lays on the surface of the soil and protects it from drying out .
This entry was posted in Termites and White Ants and tagged termites and mulch, termites in garden, Termites in mulch, white ants in mulch. Termite FAQ – Common questions our customers ask us about termites, termite inspections and termite treatment.
It depends on the location, conditions of the location and areas to be inspected but on average an inspection can take anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes.
Yes!  A common characteristic of termites and their colony is to avoid bright lights and open air. Getting rid of termites requires a specific treatment method from a pest control professional.
Termites are detrivores, which means they feed on dead trees and plants, as well as the dead parts on a living tree or plants like wood.
The new development of Mississauga and its continued growth has caused the termites of the area to disperse and relocate in nearby establish residential areas. Maintain the integrity of physical barriers such as sand or mesh – do not lay soil or mulch over the barrier, or let roots grow through it.
Termites can be one of the toughest insects to control and they can also be one of the most serious pests because they cause damage to the wood structure of your home.
Radha Pest Control All Type of Specialist : Pest Control, Tremite Control (White Ants), Rodent Control, Wooden Termite Control, Cockroach Gel Treatment, Honey Treatment, Wooden Boror Treatment, Garden Treatment, Gel Treatment Guaranteed Results. Termites, also commonly known as white ants, destroy valuable property, documents, furniture and furnishings anything that contains cellulose, silently and swiftly, before you even become aware of the damage done. As they march forward, they build mud channels to provide themselves with darkness and higher humidity which they require to survive. To properly treat for termites during pre construction, the area will need to have termiticides applied several times at different stages giving guarantee.
These types are designed to keep water loss to a minimum and feed the soil as they breakdown.
Wood mulches are a byproduct of the timber industry are affordable and are aesthetically pleasing. One technique used is to enhance the appearance with a variety of colours to suit all tastes.
Although history has shown greater termite resistance in some trees it can be misleading if taken too literally. The inner layer is called heart wood and building regulations in QLD state that only the heartwood can be used in the construction process of a building.

Many suppliers have disclaimers when selling termite resistant products for the same reason, it is made up of the sapwood and bark and not the heart wood. The most common types used are usually pebbles, gravel, coloured rubber products, plastic polythene, and geotextile. A professional pest control technician will spray a liquid termiticide over the foundation prior to the concrete being poured. An important first step if you suspect a termite infestation is to have a termite inspection carried out by a professional pest control company. Please call one of our specialists today for more information on termite treatments available or to schedule a termite inspection at 416-840-4040 or 1-877-504-BUGS. Since a human home in constructed with a considerable amount of wood and contain a lot more wood based products they can be a huge problem for people. Well they could have gotten there many ways; an infested piece of furniture or wood, or even an infested piece of lumber during the homes construction or renovations. We have treated many streets (and many houses on those streets) in the East York region for termites. We also offer complete termite services for termite infestations, preventative treatments and termite pretreatment services. The most conventional treatment of subterranean termites is placing a chemical barrier between the ground (where termites live), and your home (where termites eat). When you notice such marks on your walls it is an indication that your house is under attack by termites. Polythene ( plastic) and geotextile ( fabric) is great for weed control but moisture underneath them requires monitoring as soil can dry out . Firstly the shape of the body: a carpenter ant is shaped like an hourglass with the thorax in front and a narrowing between the abdomen in the rear. An inspector will be looking for active signs of termites such as mud tunnels, the damage is not always visually visible. Other methods of termite prevention available to homeowners is to make the home less habitable by termites.
Sometimes cold weather can slow down their cycles or cause them to go into hibernation but it does not kill them off.
This means that we must treat the ground that they have infested and provide an insecticidal barrier between your home and the termites.
Furniture, shelving, cupboards, books and house foundations are all possible foods for termites.  Subterranean termites have homes which are usually formed in the soil. Since termites hide their eggs from predators deeps within their tunnels and homes this stage is rarely seen by homeowners.
Another and the most common way is during mating season reproductive termites swarm and migrate (fly) to copulate.
Since termites can enter a structure in a space that is roughly the thickness of a piece of paper, it is critical that a complete barrier is achieved.
They crawl up through the minute cracks and crevices in the foundation and the walls of your building. A termite, in comparison, lacks the narrow points between the front and back, it is more shaped like a tube.
Reproductive termites, sometimes called “swarmers” have wings and are sometimes called “flying termites” or “flying ants”.
This means removing debris from areas such as the crawl space (they love foam boards and Styrofoam), minimizing wood to earth contact and maximizing ventilation in areas such as basements and crawlspaces.

More than 1 in 15 houses in Toronto may have an active termite infestation at any give time. By placing termiticide in the soil on both sides of the foundational elements of a home it prevents termites from entering and destroying the structure.
Within their homes they build elaborate tunnel systems building themselves easy access to their above ground food sources.
During such migration they could have just happen upon your home and decided to settle and build their colony. This treatment is much more specialized than pest control treatment for other common insects.
The only important thing to remember is that termite treatment in Toronto must be done in the warmer weather. Usually this is achieved by trenching the soil and injecting termiticide at certain intervals.
While they are still the same size of the eggs they hatched from they are now a pale white colour.
As soon as you suspect termites it is best to act as termites if left unattended can cause considerable damage to your home. We are termite specialists with 35 years experience treating the GTA and surrounding regions.
Both of these insects have “swarming” forms, these are actually the reproductive males and females of the species. This also usually involves treating the foundational walls of the home, injecting termiticide a certain intervals.
They are immediately tended to by worker termites, which feed them as they cannot yet go and collect from food sources themselves yet. Termite treatment requires the expertise of a professional knowledgeable about termite biology and habits and the latest in termite treatment methods. In termites the wings are about the same size back and front while in carpenter ants the front wings are larger. At this stage the larvae are not directly causing the damage seen in homes, but they are the motivation for it as they need to be fed.
Termites Toronto is Ontario’s leading Termite-control company, and a leader in the development of fast, effective and environmentally responsible pest control products and application techniques. Carpenter ant wings also have a dark spot on the top edge of the front wings that is missing in termites.
Thirdly, the antennae on a termite are straight while carpenter ants have bent or curved antennae.
After they mature the termites are delegated into their caste classes and are off to perform their duty to the colony.
That means that carpenter ants and other wood boring pests often leave behind saw dust as they dig through the wood. Worker and soldier termites can live approximately 2 years while the queen under optimal circumstance can survive up to 50 years while being able to reproduce and lay eggs the whole time.

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