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Answer: Sorry, but Department of Fish and Game (DFG) staff will not come out to your house to remove or relocate rattlesnakes residing in your yard.
For the future, here are some helpful hints from DFG Associate Wildlife Biologist Nicole Carion on how to discourage rattlesnakes from taking up residence near your home. Answer: It is legal as long as the remote-controlled vehicle is used only to move an angler’s line around while the angler maintains control of the line attached to the terminal tackle. Question: You mentioned in a recent column that the regulations state you can’t injure or kill a rattlesnake. Answer: Rattlesnakes occur naturally in the ecosystem and are important predators that help to effectively contain or reduce excess rodent populations.

Answer: No, buying or selling a stuffed rattlesnake or native reptiles of any kind is prohibited. The law was written like this specifically to allow for people to kill rattlesnakes for safety purposes. If a rattlesnake is encountered in a public area or crowded campground, the snake should not be killed unless it poses a direct threat to people and pets.
If not, and you have no neighbors, friends or family members willing to help you move the rattlesnake, your best option will be to contact a professional pest control service to do it. The rattles may be possessed because rattlesnakes may be legally taken for non-commercial purposes.

While rattlesnakes may be lawfully taken under Fish and Game laws, killing rattlesnakes in state parks is prohibited under CCR Title 14, section 5.60(a). Native rattlesnakes are not included among these species and therefore may not be commercialized. The only exception for selling or buying rattlesnakes is if the rattlesnake is albino or albino captive bred (CCR, Title 14, section 43[a][7]) or if collected by a biological supply house authorized to supply research and educational facilities.

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